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Changing the World through Christ-centered Education.

At Dallas Lutheran School, our goal is not to ask students to just do more things but to do things differently.

  • DLS encourages collaboration and communication between students and teachers. An increasingly important skill in the workforce, this happens both in person and digitally.
  • DLS emphasizes character building in each class. We believe WHO students are matters more than WHAT they know.
  • Classes at DLS are Christ-focused. We all have much to learn from our Master Teacher.
  • Teachers at DLS augment learning by using a wide variety of supplementary information (books, articles, news clips) directly available digitally, going beyond the traditional textbook and into original sources.
  • DLS values the process as much as the product. Students are asked to interact and participate in activities and projects to increase understanding.

Students at DLS are college-ready. All DL students are asked to complete the Distinguished Diploma track for Texas and will be asked to complete a minimum of one online class during their high school years. Students are offered a variety of electives which they help choose based on their personal interests.

For information about our exact classes offered, please consult our current Academic Catalog.

For more information, contact Todd Nitz, high school principal or Brad Krause, middle school principal. 

Mr. Todd Nitz
High School Principal

Mr. Brad Krause
Middle School Principal