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A Coeducational, Grades 7-12 School for Tomorrow's Christian Leaders


Parent Teacher Fellowship


Who We Are and Our Mission:

The Parent Teacher Fellowship shall consist of DLS parents/guardians and faculty working together to serve, support, and build the DLS Community.


Dues are $50 per DLS family per year.

Our Vision:

The PTF vision is that every member of the Dallas Lutheran School family is enriched and involved in the life of the School.

Our Core Values:

The PTF will endeavor to conduct all activities, meetings, and events in line with the following values:

Christ-centered ● Collaborative ● Respectful ● Transparent ● Fun

Our Goals:

• To build positive School spirit;

• To nurture parent-to-parent, parent to School, and parent to DLS Board relationships;

• To build community through planned activities, meetings, and fellowship;

• To facilitate communication among parents, the School staff, and the students;

• To show appreciation to School staff through scheduled and coordinated activities;

• To aid in seeking support, financial or otherwise, from all available sources to help meet the needs of the School.

Planned Activities and Events:

• Gala and Auction

• Membership Meetings with Parent-Focused Informational Programs

• Teacher and Staff Appreciation Activities

• Other Community and Spirit-Building Events



Amy Dunsworth - President

Kaye Surley - President-Elect

Rebecca Gum - Secretary

Sophia Beserra - Treasurer

Becky Heath - Assistant Treasurer

Board Members

Michelle Rendleman                       Teacher Appreciation

Jenny Griffin                                     Teacher Appreciation                      

Meegan Cramer                               Fundraising Chair                         

Rachel Rose                                     Communications Chair                  

Martina Sebecke                              Chaplain       

Lauren Bristow                                 Programs                        

Rachel Schnegelberger                  Membership Coordinator     

Pam Welsh                                       Membership Coordinator               

Karla Baldelli                                    At Large Member                     

Teresa Murray                                  At Large Member   

Lori Fogarty                                     At Larger Member                    

Alison Chapman                             Alumni Relations