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A Coeducational, Grades 7-12 School for Tomorrow's Christian Leaders


Parent Teacher Fellowship


Who We Are and Our Mission:

The Parent Teacher Fellowship shall consist of DLS parents/guardians and faculty working together to serve, support, and build the DLS Community.


Dues are $50 per DLS family per year.

Our Vision:

The PTF vision is that every member of the Dallas Lutheran School family is enriched and involved in the life of the School.

Our Core Values:

The PTF will endeavor to conduct all activities, meetings, and events in line with the following values:

Christ-centered ● Collaborative ● Respectful ● Transparent ● Fun

Our Goals:

• To build positive School spirit;

• To nurture parent-to-parent, parent to School, and parent to DLS Board relationships;

• To build community through planned activities, meetings, and fellowship;

• To facilitate communication among parents, the School staff, and the students;

• To show appreciation to School staff through scheduled and coordinated activities;

• To aid in seeking support, financial or otherwise, from all available sources to help meet the needs of the School.

Planned Activities and Events:

• Gala and Auction

• Membership Meetings with Parent-Focused Informational Programs

• Teacher and Staff Appreciation Activities

• Other Community and Spirit-Building Events



Mindy Hail - President

Amy Dunsworth - President-Elect

Amy Juba - Secretary

Monica Nash - Treasurer

Board Members

Karla Baldelli - Fundraising Chair

Bret Chapman - Marketing Chair

Alison Chapman - Programs Coordinator

Michelle Rendleman - Class Reps and Teacher Appreciation

Danene Harvey & Stefani Barner - Membership & Volunteer Coordinators

Martina Sebecke - Chaplain

Angelia Venker - Member-at-Large