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Campus Plan FAQs

Campus Plan FAQs

What is the timeline for building construction?

Depending on city approvals and permits, we are planning to begin construction in Summer 2022 with a Phase I completion date in Fall 2023.

Will everything be built at the same time?

Construction will occur in phases to accommodate site logistics, funding, and school population, with the first phase primarily focused on replacing classroom and administrative space lost in the tornado.

What is the scope of the master campus plan?

The primary educational center is designed for 48,000 square feet, which will accommodate an ultimate enrollment of 360 students.  The initial phase of the construction of this facility (Phase I), will support 200 students (classrooms, science labs, library and administration).   The reconstruction of our Athletic Complex will give students baseball, football, and soccer fields along with a practice area for track & field.  To complete the master campus plan, a separate 400-seat Chapel/Performing Arts Center will provide students with a 17,000 square-foot facility, which will be critical for their continued educational, artistic, and spiritual growth.

What are some of the key features of the new facility?

The new facilities will add 16 new classrooms and student study areas.  Additional educational areas include a science center with robotics and general-purpose science labs; a visual arts center with a dark room and pottery kiln; and a library with computer workstations. 

What new campus security features will be incorporated into the new facility?

Campus security is a very high priority for the overall campus improvement plan.  While specific details have not been finalized at this point, features under consideration include perimeter fencing, controlled campus access, additional exterior lighting, a reinforced storm shelter, improved emergency vehicle access, and an integrated campus security management system with cameras, alarms, communication hardware and door access controls.

How much money is needed to complete the project?

Preliminary estimates put the total cost at $32.9 million dollars. The cost of Phase 1 of the project, which will provide for classrooms for 200 students, will cost $14.4 million. Phase 2, which increases space for an additional 160 students, will cost $5 million. The costs for the Chapel/Performing Arts Center and the Athletic Fields are estimated at $11 million and $2.6 million respectively. While we do not expect this first campaign to cover projected costs of the entire project, we are eager to see what the Lord provides through your generosity and will build in phases should that be necessary.