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Talent Zone

The Dallas Lutheran School Talent Zone

The Talent Zone provides learning support services for students at DLS and in the surrounding community.  Services include private tutoring, testing, homework assistance, enrichment, career counseling, and remediation.


Students are screened for academic strengths and weaknesses.  Areas assessed include reading comprehension, arithmetic, mathematics, problem solving, evaluation, creativity, fine motor skills, and memory.  Testing takes approximately 5 hours. A two conference to discuss the results and to offer suggestions that will strengthen all identified weak areas is included in the fee.  The fee for testing is $450. 


A program is designed to address weak areas revealed during the testing process.  Students meet with tutors daily to develop new skills and monitor progress.  The goal of this program is to improve foundational skills developing independence and alleviating the need for tutoring or other support services.  Contact the Talent Zone for current fees.


Adult tutors assist a small group of students with daily homework.  Study skills, test taking skills, organizational skills, and planning for projects are taught as needed.  Students meet daily in place of study hall.  Contact the Talent Zone for current fees.


After school, adults and selected high school juniors and seniors tutor in small groups assisting students with homework.  Services are offered for students in elementary grades through high school. They meet Monday through Thursday from 3:30 until 5pm.  Contact the Talent Zone for current fees.


Students meet with tutors who have been trained in learning styles and study skills two to three times a week.  Tutors assist with homework, organization, and projects.  Contact the Talent Zone for current fees.


Students are screened for academic strengths and weaknesses. They compare their results to 6-10 careers of their choice. Over 187 careers are available for comparison.  A computer generated report is provided.  Contact the Talent Zone for current fees.

Talent Zone