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DLS Moms

DLS Moms

The parents, grandparents and guardians of our students are an essential factor in our success as a school and the success of our students. The faculty and staff at Dallas Lutheran School highly value the contributions they make; it is priceless!

Dallas Lutheran School believes that God blesses each of us with gifts, talents and abilities to use in service to Him and to His people. Sometimes we don’t know where or how our gifts, talents and abilities are needed. Below are just some of the ways parents, grandparents and guardians can help make Dallas Lutheran School be a vibrant community with engaged families.

  • Attend: All events, including: sporting events, plays and musicals, fine arts and more.

  • Volunteer: Class representatives, drama and sport team parents, guest speaker, photography, front office (mailings), Library
  • Drive: field trips, athletic competitions,
  • Help: Beyond My Front Door (BMFD), event concessions, tailgates, scorer’s table, ticketing, Homecoming, Prom
  • Provide: Kleenex boxes, hand sanitizer
  • Join: the Athletics Booster Club
  • Serve: on the committee for the annual school auction, or assist in anyway
  • Participate: in annual Golf Benefit
  • Support: the Annual Fund
  • PRAY: for our school, administration, teachers, staff, coaches and the students.
Friday Night Lions

Thank you for all the ways that you serve and support Dallas Lutheran School.


I call them my kids, they are not my biological kids but they are my kids. And we love them as much as we possibly can. They're easy to love. It's just...this is a family place and when they come here it's their home away from home...

Brad Krause, Middle School Principal

Brad Krause On Family